Rub it in 5 minutes, then wrap the warm wool scarf of the head and neck. Do not take it for 30 min.Ostrokonechnye warts (genital warts) - please refer to the chapter.. infection through sexual contact. Clinically manifested lacrimation is purulent discharge, it may be a recurrent conjunctivitis. Conjunctiva, at a pressure of good lacrimal sac area even in a large amount of purulent discharge, is hyperemia. The disease can occur in the first mesyatszhizni baby. Otherwise, the state of the eye of the antibiotics antibioticon cheapest newborn careful attention must be paid. Chronic active hepatitis (CAT). This form is, I severe inflammatory necrosis countries and virus to go to (infectious) will develop after hepatitis. Complaints: weakness, fatigue, a significant reduction of the disability, nausea, appetite in the upper right abdomen, was to reduce the weight and pain. The temperature is raised to a high number of low-low-grade fever of the chest and shoulders "varicose veins", (bleeding of the gums and nose, bruising) hemorrhagic syndrome of the disease, depending on

Pui aromat, cu paste din orez

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