lifting up his feet and bounce nuzhno.Ya not long ago drew attention to the fact that almost all religions there is a common gesture - hands crossed on his chest, and thought is not the fact of a physiological reasons? It was demonstrated that. When a man in front of his chest puts his hands, all the fluid in his body, including blood, normalized and balanced. It\'s like blood composition, uniformity of its circulation and blood pressure. yasmin peasher By measuring the pressure before and after the implementation of this action, we can see that the second time, the pressure to a normal level compared to the first izmereniem.Shema cleaning. The first day, half an hour before breakfast, take 1 drop of liquor, add 1/4 cup of cold boiled milk, yogurt or water; half an hour before lunch - the same way two drops of tincture; half an hour before dinner - 3 drops of tincture.

Conopidă cu smântână și hrean

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