The increase daily 10 drops, the highest dose - 60 drops cover priem.Tut was nothing. We take risks consciously. He never once joked: "If you smoke, why." And not once, not to break the data and spoil the balance of the amended version on the edge of a razor: no technical agreement "Eledia" silenced printed on one of the three this problem. He survived... But to survive - one, and physician awareness and responsibility - the other one. The conscience all these years does not give me rest and forced back and think again... Aura plant consists of many layers. Each layer of energy, as a kind of channel has its own frequency, and closer to the oscillation frequency of the oscillation frequency of the human aura plant plow, more understanding person experiencing one of them. Every plant, which is located right people, all the energy of gamma oscillations, with varying degrees of intensity that affects the human aura.

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