Be sure to take a bath, because the inhabitants of the cities most in need. The city we are constantly exposed to stress, excessive stress, breathing polluted air and eating food the body needs. Moreover, urban residents are mainly sedentary, relaxes the muscles, heart and circulatory system. All these factors weaken the immune system to destroy, which leads to a rapid aging and low resistance to various diseases. Everyone knows that the number of flu epidemics, mrdoc reviews for example, or a general tendency to allergies are the result of a weakened immune system sistemy.Vse mixture and insist in a cool, dark place for 21 days, occasionally stirring the contents. Take 50 ml before lunch and uzhinom.- Prepare tax: 102.61 - recommended therapeutic enema (1/5 cup) of mucilage in flaxseed oil, slightly warmed hemorrhoids and inflammation of the rectum. After enema should sleep at least an hour. Laxative linseed prepared as follows: 1 tsp.

pulpă de rată