"Jansky" cylinder in his right hand to hold ( "Yang" or solar power, half of the physical body). It is made of jade, even with the ability to strong energy is carried out the effect. the cylinder sizes in the range 60-120 mm. The diameter is 35-60 mm. Law ( "Yang") cylinder has a slightly conical tip. As a lover steam broom casting, cloth rubbed body, is a kind of self-massage, which improves blood flow to the antibiotics australia online muscles, tendons and joints. The benefits of such a self-massage and how to work all that well, suffer from pain in the muscles tense below.If (for example, after prolonged exercise) to get rid of supporting the sauna unpleasant sensations. Exposure to high temperatures and the output light massage of lactic acid from the muscle tissue. To evaluate the effect of this method was higher speed or goose can be used, cleaned, lard and, of course, honey.