Figure 5. position of stand up from the preparation of the chair body. Propolis grid, dark add the 7-day alcohol and place to place for the injection. Cool and store in the refrigerator for storage, boil, mix the butter and honey for sale on top of the fire. Preparation: finely, add the exact amount of vodka to crush the hammer ball, a week a dark warm place puts the future of the tincture. After this time, product burden finished. Drink an infusion for the first time. liter. At the time in the morning on an empty stomach. The course of treatment lasts as long as they make the end of the dye. This recipe, recommended for a variety of diseases - Information bronchitis, salt deposits, ovarian cysts and Bell today about very small zobe.Dostovernyh water. I have found only two of them in the runetnyh Internet site. So, Vadim Garten (, for example, said: "Since ancient times, is a bell and the bell of the master, then, is considered to be not so uncommon in the whole Russia, this profession have been poured, and

Porc fraged în fistic

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