At the same time, it can be saved and nerve cells. Stained neurons reflected in the skewed distribution of clinical partial paralysis and chaos, and refers to the acute polio signs. Expressed first changes in infected cells and tigroid fiber collapse and disappear inside the cells develop basic blocks kariotsitoliz eventually violates the nucleolus and disappears. This is a sign of nature is an irreversible cell. Neurons, dead neyronofagicheskie website and form nodules. Later, this will be the expansion alfinate online sildenafil of glial tissue. The combination of artificiality and the bio-wear changes in the form of perivascular inflammatory response in the brain and on the leak obolochkah.IV. It includes late complications paralyzed mielit.K primarily the consequences of the disease - long heart tachycardia and blood pressure, general weakness, deformities of the spine, joints and muscles contractions, paralyzes the nerves of the brain, which is sometimes Although chronic tetanus. Recurrence of the disease is very rare, and the essence of pathogenic

Lasagna cu legume

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