Increased consumption of cigarettes produced. Smoking take young people and women. Much of the evidence for the role of cigarette smoking in the prevention of cardiovascular disease derived from prospective epidemiological studies. Usually pay attention to the close relationship between the habit and subsequent development of coronary heart disease. In general, smokers risk of coronary heart disease by 70% higher than non-smokers; the frequency of occurrence of CHD among young smokers is many times greater than drink cymbalta no prescription the same age smoke. The risk of death from all causes was higher in both sexes and all ages of smokers. Almost 80% of high mortality can be attributed to the disease, clinically associated with smoking. It increases the risk of heart disease the number of cigarettes smoked, duration of smoking, age when started smoking and smoke inhalation. Among the young smoked 40 or more cigarettes per day compared, the risk of coronary heart disease by disease.

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