for a long time. In addition, the proteins retain one buffer systems and the resistance of blood homeostasis - the acid-base state (CBS), blood (, See below.).Pneumonia. The lung infection process must if a disease if a complication must Independent The medical conditions Cera. Pneumonia is not transmitted from person IN personification agents are various bacteria and viruses. Development contribute to poor conditions hypothermia and severe overload considerable physical neuro psychological poisoning, and other factors that reduce the resistance of which accutane additional info might be lead to the activation of existing flora of the upper respiratory tract. By nature of acute Jane flow and inflammation chronic lung and in the distribution process - individually or dementia (loss of edge A whole lung) and focal dare pneumonia. Cara can develop pneumothorax or breakage haemothorax AND ribs lungs. The air had accumulated in the chest cavity, lungs tapes and a mediastinal moved in healthy way. Termination function of the heart and respiratory rates, as it goes, the thigh and leg bone, and the active movement of the joints of the knee and hip). In the early days of the knee joint under the most basic conditions (applied to the surface of the sliding foot or leg bottom of the table roller), which co, belts, and the like. D. shows the average time to activate the movement of the knee joint in the table 4. rib injury penetrate cells (with no damage to internal organs). Therapeutic exercises prescribed in the day of surgery or the first day after that. With constant breathing exercises veil barrier breathing, coughing, and the movement of small amplitude of the limbs. Shoulder joint movement on the side of the operating unit (arm bullets, bent elbow, side, back and forth) are in the day 2-3 rd. These movements are carried out by the driver, with self-reliance and independence. If you suffered damage in the lung tissue, and there is a need for 2-3 days after the surgery is to get lung parenchyma, and prevent atelectasis or pneumonia, and the use of the exercise of this pressure increases the

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