Otomi (Now had 103 years) for its amazing health deferred grandfather 110 years I went to a fragile little boat for fishing and died at the age of 121 years, cleaning small stones vodoemchik yard. Women and their families have lived, and more.Another feature useful asparagus juice - to promote the disintegration of the backlog of acids in the kidneys and muscle tissue of our body. Therefore, its use in the treatment of diseases caused by an excess continue iymed reading this of urea. Rheumatism, neuritis, etc. The fact that consumer products and bakery excessive results of the meat in that the body is unable to use proteins called produced these comprehensive products.. kidney and other organs secretion do not work because of the overload. As a result, uric acid is excreted in the body, and is accumulated in it, which causes rheumatic fever. Eating asparagus juice helps get rid of this disease, which is also dangerous for heart complications.

Dragostea e o salată… de vinete

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