Therefore, they are trying to get rid of infertility in women a lot of work of purgatory. Some, will eventually lose all faith. Our technology, offers an excellent opportunity. As an example, I, please refer to another fenomene.5. It reduces a mixture of carbon dioxide concentration exhaled. Indicator shows the depth of indirectly breathing endogennog development. It was 2.69 percent in the example of human endogennodyshaschego concentration of carbon dioxide in exhaled air. For external respiration, the average value of More about the author antabuse this quantity - 4.21%. Reducing the concentration of carbon dioxide is 1.52%. Rapid decrease in the concentration of carbon dioxide during the transition to endogenous breathing, you in the body (Buteyko method) thesis of the author, another refutation of the high concentration of the usefulness of the dominant perception of this gas of surgeon Moscow and, scientific talent, completely new ideas presented to the method similar change breathing known to reveal all, organizme.Bol occurs when the nerve cells, the

Școala de bucătari

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