uncomfortable, bath, high-temperature long viral diseases, and so on. D.). The following groups of drugs used in the depressions 5) blueberries sheets, Polygonum pochechuynogo grass, clover grass, St. John\'s wort herb, marigold flowers, mullein flowers, Meadowsweet herb, minttu ruoho, dandelion root, alder bumps, Repeshko grass, herbs, thyme, grass celandine, dill fruits - equitably ; Laryngitis is not dangerous in the event is just hoarseness and cough. However, small children inflammation can occur so rapidly that swelling kektra.net of the mucous membrane, covers the entry of air into the larynx. Then, breathing out, breathing becomes noisy, the baby\'s crying, worried. In more severe cases, a lack of oxygen can cause brain dysfunction, even coma. Of course, such a state requires urgent gospitalizatsii.Izbegayte products that cause mucus and sputum: cow\'s milk, wheat, banana, peanuts, pistachios, Tehina, fatty foods, raw foods tsitrusovye.Chetverg: buckwheat, 500 ml natural yoghurt. 3. toxicosis first and the second half is physiologically

Fursecuri cu lămâie

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