They often run a cardiologist, but there can always be problems. Most patients considered to be the heart of patients with hypothyroidism. If a subjective patient, except for complaints of excessive shortness of breath, nothing serious, so are the objective image in most cases and is characterized by intense. The classic description of thyroid disease was a German ammatsor G. Tsondek 1918. He\'s also the term "myxedema heart" was presented ECG changes zabolevanii.Toniziruyuschy, antidepressant gipoholesteri-nemichesky and other effects of thyroid hormones in detail, and to support a theory to describe the aging warning system. The ability to use a limited number of TSH destination in the presence of coronary artery disease, in part - with elevated blood pressure. At the moment, strictly scientifically formulated just a few of thyroid hormones in elderly patients meeting specific labeling refers to the presence of the disease of the thyroid. Treatment of L-thyroxine is selected one by one, starting with a low dose and gradually,

Cine nu are bătrâni, să-şi cumpere brânză

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