Andrei Fedorovich said: "At night, do not carry, and instead of using a small amount of dairy products - milk, mare\'s milk, but in any case not from the refrigerator, before being heated." Needles were delivered to curb appetite headphones in their ears. And touted herbal medicine Tibetan, who seemed Andrei Fedorovich little "weird and strange taste. These preparations immediately began to shake the mucus froze up a lot of phlegm and coughing, mucus, saliva, mucus has been released. I love Andre Fedorovich deep pressure massage online and other treatments. As the the desire to lose weight and regain health was very strong, which followed carefully all the recommendations, showing awareness of Higher and discipline. As a result, the complex treatment is to reduce the fast weight, and the normalization of the Constitution, and a general improvement in well-being, a person. other parts of the body has gained a healthy appearance. " Bomba "and" cat "in relation to the practice of" holding the shoulders of the "show and who suffered a car


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