When pellets or tablets, hot water can be added for a better resolution. Under an aqueous solution of a teaspoon or throat. solve grains and oral tablets and drops of alcohol in a bucket of water or a piece of sugar can be made. Aqueous solutions are suitable for small children who can not solve the grains, in this case, a single dose of tea or dessert spoon can be solved vody.Ogromny contribution to the development of balneology in Russia and abroad, the famous Russian doctor put buy retin a gel overnight as Zalmanov. It is active in Russia and get attention trying to draw on the body\'s natural defenses A. Zalmanov and methods of stimulation. In several clinics in major cities in Europe, his book "Secrets and wisdom of the body", "miracle of life" and "thousands of paths to recovery" remains an indispensable tool for many doctors, including the use of properties of therapeutic complex as a method for the treatment and prevention of various diseases, algae were the first life that a brand of fossil rocks left.

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