But people do such stupid questions, and the hunger and blood and other questions of the same type. This is what is written in this book - it is enough for you to restore health, and then we\'ll see what questions do you have after this. VannyOdnako man always remains man, and even worst, can not take a long time destroy the natural, the nature of his potrebnosti.Eta pounds of weight loss per day, and in England about 450 grams, it is worth the end of the revia more information Italian classics of 16th century, a healthy diet Luidzhi Kornaro that the human body is not a day over 450 grams of dry matter, because all the excess food goes snail toxins. All the extra calories calculating the energy losses associated with exercise, the control is stopped zero pattern - 450 grams. But because we know that one gram of dry food provides about four calories, so here we have to work physically not that person, which can not rest, 1,800 calories a day is enough.

Piure de linte roșie

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