Cover with plastic wrap and put the top layer of cotton wool. Pribintuyte pressure significantly in the region and maintain the patient even put ostynet.Appetitnye chaiZatem in a cool place and put yeast. After one day yogurt is ready. Golden Sharp has a high therapeutic effect. This is good medicine for the treatment of gastrointestinal diseases - such as chronic pancreatitis, and bitterness, and gastritis. Sharp drug golden prevent pathogens, anesthesia, and to restore the function of the weakness of the pancreas and spleen, relieve inflammation of the gall bladder, stomach, small intestine, and helps to cleanse the body. It is also derived and liquefaction of sputum, reducing edema and bronchial mucosa, which improves the general condition of the patient, and often lead to the cure of bronchial asthma. High plant and the characteristics of the wound healing juice, and diseases of healthy skin (lichen, ulcers). Eat a man in two of the more than 4-5 meals a day, because with a strong sense of hunger, it is difficult to control the

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