sweet. raw fruits and berries, dried fruit, fruit drinks, jelly, mousse, Sambuca (sweet or xylitol). Limited or excluded (for obesity), grapes, raisins, sugar, honey (instead of sugar), jam. Excludes: chocolate, cream, ice. Rub. And \'non-stop, a strong blow to the feeling is very warm. Feel the warmth of the massage depends on the pressure and the movement of the skin. Volar surface friction become terminal phalanx of the thumb, index or middle finger. Massage the finger should be slightly fluoxetine bent at the interphalangeal joint, so that on his pillow. Then follows this action, glide over the skin and in my own (finger must not slip, do not stretch the skin, and if attached to it). When growing area flexion movement of the finger pressure acupuncture, and by extension - umenshaetsya.Angina - an acute infectious disease, the loss of the gorge. Sometimes the inflammatory process and may include the pharynx and larynx tissue lymphadenoid: linguistic, laryngeal and nasopharyngeal tonsils.,

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Paste cu sos de ciuperci

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