Mention may be made of different materials, it emphasizes the global nature of a series of negative characteristics, organically inherent in medicine and zdra-voohraneniyu kept us in previous documents. They - these features - differ in the details and degrees, but apparently the character vseob connector. Against them are ordinary citizens, journalists, politicians and even doctors, but these phenomena and their tendency to worsen, remains constant.. CPA percent - the re-construction of the facility, in combination with the active internationalpharm why not find out more and true entertainment, as well as different methods of fraud, but in all cases, laws have been used, especially in health care in this country, apparently to avoid using proper control over the activities of doctors. It should be noted, however, that other countries have these opportunities. Russia and the former Soviet Union, which has already said something. You can also refer to an article published in "Izvestia" 7 May 1997 "Motor disease notification" The book mentions Dr.

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