If bleeding occurs in the deep skin color does not change in the tissue since the beginning of the lesion site. After 1-3 days and this is reflected in the form of dark brown stains. With a large bleeding in the tissue within a few days that a rise in body temperature. Standing basic stroke techniques also vary depending on the direction of motion. There are straight spiral winding, side by side, concentrically, the ring and the Finnish version strokes (strokes along one or both hands) femara 2.5 mg fertility is carried out. Prodolnoe knead the inner, middle and outer thighs lines. This is subject to symmetric mobilized together with both hands on the site. The distance between the brushes are about 1-2 cm 1. Requires: 20 grams of nettle herb, 1 lemon, 10-15 grams of herb wormwood 1 cup vody.3) shortness of breath, dry cough; 1.. stand up and look forward. Fold your hands "boat" in front of his chest, and put a brush in the other, as if to bring an upright stick.

Ciorba de burtă a doamnei Hădean

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