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, vodami.- periodically, use 10 drops of tincture of iodine to 200 ml of milk three times a day for half an hour before edy. Lecheniem is to stop streptokinase management and anion streplazy. It is also used Finhidramen 50mg / or background. In more severe cases, the use of kortikosteroi- d (100 mg hydrocortisone / every 6 hours); 4) temperature rise occurs as a reaction to the collapse of plasminogen. Pethidine used to treat the clinical symptoms of acute 25 mg / v.Pri buy imiquimod antibioticon grow for several hours, failing to take proper action in the time of the death. However, with proper treatment, patients can stabilize and improve their condition, while the full restoration of function, and usually does not happen. This type of hemorrhagic stroke often flows have seen with the side gematomah.9 hemispherical. High cholesterol and fat as the main reasons for the hardening of the arteries and thus a potential threat to influence the brain factor with respect to most studied vascular diseases.

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