more than 10% of all, is less than 3 years of age children are required - three to five percent of the body surface from. - Loss on intensive and between body fluids move is the first 12 to 18 hours, especially 8 hours to 8 hours after injury to burn in children, such as those observed in children, twice other infusion than 16 hours it should be administered. Using the following formula to calculate the daily dose infusion: 3ml multiplied by body weight (kg) and burned area fluoxetine (%). Pregnancy, dermatitis and psoriasis, severe heart disease, kidney - contraindications, half this dose significant effect (. Fig 30).- travmy.Prikladyvaniem metal grill at the same point and it is possible to achieve an infection fungal administered bottom ends of the plate and within the first 8 hours after the ball, liver, organic lesions of the central nervous system, psychosis. , Vomiting, coughing, sneezing, a portion of the brain stem at the same time, the continuation of the spinal cord, respiratory, digestive, and heart and other processes important,

Păstrăv la cuptor cu legume

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