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, The reason, according to the views of Plato, Descartes, Kant - which is not normal. The formation of the new old world and we have a large impact Descartes, according to the teachings of the two materials - an extension and reflection. The man - this is first and foremost on the suspicion of systematic thinking that exists independently of the issue, and therefore nature. The idea of ​​adding a regular basis isolated Cartesian doubt to remove human nature and human nature of the opposition. Break with ancient tradition, who was the philosophical basis of the technological revolution and led to the birth of human civilization today. The gap between man and led the world in the illusion, which provides human nature to be relatively independent, and disease, and no one can say of various diseases. So, on the one hand, people are hoping to build their health in the world of the patient, using other means of natural (drug), on the other hand, it believed that poor health him will not affect the world\'s barrikad.Uvelichivshis We are

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