The human body does not digest cellulose. Full quite a lot of fiber in black bread, fruits and vegetables, especially cabbage. Cabbage is the nutritional value of a product consisting of proteins, fats, carbohydrates, and, of course, of the fiber. It is very useful to have a dinner salad cabbage and other vegetables. Vegetables and fibers, and increasing motor activity of the large intestine, but also helps eliminate constipation. Necessary for the performance of natural mineral body. To generate bone marrow of check out here iymed calcium and phosphorus needed to form hemoglobin - iron, to maintain the function of the thyroid gland - iodine. Also of great importance is the magnesium, sodium, potassium, copper and other trace elements. mineral substances entering the body with food. The exception to this rule is only sodium chloride (table salt), which are normally found on the table in a pure form. Edema or certificate kidney appearances. In modern medicine, and rowan berries are part of the cost of vitamins and vitamins.

Cremă de mazăre și alte legume

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