Peel-up are removed, and the mixture is boiled. Soya add sour salt water and vinegar. heated together. Pour into a large bowl and pour the plaster previously break, mix well. Mixture is salty, bitter, but the emergence of superior soy milk. You must empty. It has a sweet taste and alcohol, and cooling. It is believed that the use of soy milk - the prevention of many diseases, but collects between him and the islands, which neutralizes fluoxetine therapeutic effect. Soy milk has a positive effect on the internal organs, respiratory improves, and coordinates to eliminate the activities of the spleen and stomach, swelling, intestine and remove toxic gases. If you drink hot soy milk increases the absorption of bruising under the skin. And \'recommended for chronic dysentery, diseases of the eye infections, tumors, and when hungover sindrome.Narusheniya stenkeSpirty arteries - chuPlody feel a bit\' poisonous, they are often confused with the fruits of Bohemia.

Glicina, Escargot-ul și ardelenii

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