to know their phone numbers and addresses. Lung clinical indigestion. In cases of mild indigestion help themselves better reception of apple cider vinegar, because the range of its activities is very broad. Protection against infections, kills bacteria putrefy in the intestines, contributes to a healthy intestinal flora, helps the liver neutralize toxic substances and promotes peristalsis. In these cases, a good help plenty acidified with apple cider vinegar drink: in a glass of boiled water, take 1 teaspoon of apple cider ventolin inhaler buy antibioticon vinegar.., preferably without the addition of honey. Usually drink 6-8 glasses per day. If diarrhea for more than two days a stool with mucus and blood, high fever and abdominal pain, should you, because to consult your doctor immediately symptoms sufficiently severe conditions. Treatment of clay. Take a piece of clay, soak in water, stir until the consistency of a cream, a little vinegar Add therapeutic Bolotov. to impose this perfume on the feet, wrap a cloth and warm socks..

Alta cu fleică?

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