herb St. John, 3 tablespoons herb yarrow 2 tbsp of nettle leaves 2 tablespoons herb Saja, 2 tablespoons of corn silk, two tablespoons of plantain leaves, 2 tbsp juniper berries, 1 tablespoon of herbs or raw sauerkraut polyni.Upotreblenie regulates intestinal function, helps zaporah.3. Marjoram and camomile (L. mixture for 2 hours. Boiling water 1 cup) boil for 10 minutes, filter. Drink the broth in the morning and in the evening, onions cramps in the stomach and intestines. NOTE: Exercise to release a lot of energy. Let order lamisil tablets without prescription amazing-drugs him in case of illness, weakness or travmy.Depressiya woman does not want to be alone, he had company. He has always surrounded himself with loyal friends. Here, in a bad mood, anxiety, apathy, loss of appetite, insomnia and fatigue. In addition, the background becomes the sensation of pain. A person becomes susceptible to diseases: headache, back pain, even gipertoniya.Zapor may be due to a variety of diseases - inflammation of the colon, can increase thyroid disease, ulcers, gastritis, and so the result of a lack of

Visul unei nopți de iarnă – prăjitură cu pișcoturi

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