Official lilac medications, of gastrointestinal disease, female reproductive organs, has been used for analgesic, such as bleeding. Flowers are white and purple persimmon shell is very effective in the esophagus, stomach, liver cancer. Lilac 2 parts, 3 parts unpolished persimmon, 3 parts carrots, you need to prepare a decoction of two flowers dry ginger. All components of the mixture is cooked in boiling water and tea. 2 single dose dry day - therapeutic dose of decoction. I prefer to stay at home learn this withoutsmok here now on the eve of the rainy and cold day of the protein. He\'s the protection you expect the bad weather, it has a few. Each retreat selection has a purpose. 1, it is a different breed, was asleep in the third break, tucked away from the elements. For the sake of posterity, he den, reliable, one to warm shelter. You can weave a nest for herself without depression. nest Squirrel - Heine - you have a spherical shape of woven branches.

Paste de casă, cu trufe

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