constant thirst. Swelling, with rumbling in the gut. sudden urge to a chair, often immediately after a meal. undigested food in the stool. bloody stools with tenesmus (false desires on the bottom). frequent urination. dull pain in the head with nausea. discontent, dissatisfaction, inability to deal with the teeth and gums how rabotoy.Bolezni mental approach to the selection of healthy and delicious natural products? Curiously, there will be a trial and error method, but of course, this concept should not be taken literally. In any case, there may be used a variety of unknown plenty of honey. If you do not know what the reaction to give your body, so it should not recklessly endanger their health. Is there a test to eat, and more, and half a teaspoon of honey. If after some time, it does not show unpleasant feelings mucosa, tears do not flow, and itchy throat and skin rashes, as this type of honey you.

Mușchiuleț în crustă de semințe

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