At the time of harvesting the flowering (June-August), the tops of the plants with buds, loosely put them in a basket or bag carpet. The crude podvyalivayut collection of the sun, then dried in an oven at a temperature of 60-70 ° C Store in sealed containers or bags 1 goda.Lekarstvennym raw materials are in bloom and leaf portion of the plant. Oregano is collected from July to September, cutting the stems to 20 cm. Drying, which diovan are arranged in a thickness of 5-7 cm on paper or cloth in a well ventilated area or under a canopy. Periodically dump the grass. Dried oregano or threshing rub the screen, large cell, separated from the stalks. In the well-sealed glass jars grass can be stored for 3 let.S the object of treatment with the support of the inflorescence apical leaves. They were collected during flowering (May to September), with which it is released baskets.,

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Supă cremă de roșii

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