At 6 am, and 21:30 at 200 grams. Laboratory mother / very important autoclave for the seeds of preparation technology / 3 on the day. Laboratory kerosene / or in another way aviation /, it can be illuminating, but the pre-hold with the addition of 1 liter of 2 tablespoons of salt and to maintain the bath turkish 1 hour. Drinking at 22.30. You can combine all media. 21.6. - 300 grams of garlic, peeled and washed, put withoutsmok also prevent the outflow of in half-liter bottle, fill with alcohol, leave for 3 weeks, take 20 drops daily for half a glass of milk. This tool has been considered not only a good tonic, but protivoskleroznym. uronic acids are involved in the synthesis of polyuronides - Macromolecular compounds, built by the polysaccharide. These include pectins, gums, mucilage, alginic acid. These substances have a detoxifying effect. 62.7. - 20 g of turpentine fir, 15 of copper sulfate thorough stirring, bring to a boil.

Porc înăbușit cu fasole verde păstăi

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