These drugs are called cytotoxic agents, namely, the prevention of the proliferation of cells of the body. Yes, of course, we are talking about the excessive proliferation of white blood cells in acute leukemia cells or other tissues of the lung, uterus, breast, colon, etc. Therefore, the war in full swing. The cells multiply, suffocate, destroy, destroy. Continue to multiply, change, change the place of growth (metastasis), we continue destroying all the more effective drugs to inhibit the growth of cells, or the radiation is kemist net not less destructive X (X-rays), laser and other rays. It \'s true harmful cells to form a tumor, the bronchi tighten, resulting in suffocation, causing intestinal obstruction, anemia, "eat" the patient, and to destroy it. How not to deal with them? The struggle is impossible, because the struggle with nature always successful, this axiom is necessary to learn. Tea Leaf: P (Pekoe) Feature: the nature of the tea leaf is identical to L-2 classification of Russia; It is a collection sheet, which is leaf shorter

Pizza și făina de ovăz

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