Umbrellas blooming white and yellow flowers and seeds have long been used by mankind as a spice. Grasses sometimes used as food. In anise grows wild in Sichuan and Gansu. Seeds kept warming and stimulating agent, described bounce. They stimulate the adrenal activity and may act as obezbolivayusche. herbaceous plants are also used in medical digestive agent and eliminates intestinal spasms. When I arrived at the reception of a strong concern of the young woman for his peasher estrace online mother, Eugenia Tikhonov 63 years. He asked me what to do: Rave mother after his father\'s death. The parents have lived for 40 years of twenty years in abroad. At home, the father, Vasily Petrovich a rowdy customers began suddenly continued to lead until the morning picnic, holiday and drinks deals have become increasingly popular. However, he does not believe that is younger, there was \'62 and this way of life will inevitably affect his health.

Aripioare glazurate

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