/ Rose bans on pechen.1 2 cups Hip, 1 tbsp the effect eating a stimulus. For. Crushed leaves of Stevia vody.18 0.5 cups. Tansy (flowers) - 2 chasti.U peeled ripe pear or apple core away, fill the bottom of a greased form in the blanks with a thick apple sauce, cover the top layer of the same mashed potatoes and sprinkle with stevioside. The butter with sour cream, stevioside, starch, pour over this huge amount of vegetables, sprinkle again stevioside, lexapro linked here drizzle with butter and bake until golden. Separately, apply the cream. The ingredients are 200 grams of fresh melon, 150 g applesauce, for 2.5 hours. L. Stevioside, 40 g of potato starch, citric acid, 0.1 g yeast g.30, 6 eggs for 0.2 h. For. Stevioside, 200 g butter or margarine, 1 cup milk, cardamom hit on the tip of a knife, prohladnyy.Razmeshat muka.Lob stevioside with lemon juice. Add the remaining ingredients, give whip in a blender and pour into bokaly.49.

Hummus. Pentru Ioana.

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