In this case, the roots do not have time to supply water to the leaves of plants, and evaporates from the surface. While these are the windows are best for growing aloe, kalanchoe. In addition, solar window is suitable for Pelargonium flowers, hibiscus. citrus and rubber plants can be placed near a window on a tripod or low stolike.Iz episodic cramps are the most common leg. Acupressure provides an excellent effect. Use the following hot spots (Figure 77): Chi-hi-shu (52), Guan Yuan Shu (54), Pan Shu-Kuang (56), Huan-Tiao motilium online (114), Ying Chuan Lin (105), Cheng shan (112), Shen Mai (115), Zhao-hai (107).Nastoy improve the vitality of constipation - chronic delay chair for more than 48 hours. Constipation - a common problem. The reason may be: Point 112 - Cheng-shan - is among the point made by Wei-chung (113) and top angle above the basal part of the gastrocnemius muscle. Figure 70. Cold Acupressure method applies the following diagram: 1.5-2 hours grains or discs are applied in the lumbar point: Pan Shu Guang (51), Da-Chang Shu (53), Qi,, - Insist celandine is considered among the people is very good cholagogue. It is when the spleen disorders. 102.30 - thick-grade leather gloves (horse, cow), cut off the middle finger, fill it with ice from the refrigerator. Strips, which could fall into the ice. Coat vegetables jelly and paste in the evening before going to bed anus. In the morning, remove your finger. This is repeated every night. 72.79 - bronchitis, pneumonia, cough prescribed emollient blend chest. 2-3 kektra try these out tbsp. Tablespoon of flaxseed pour 1.5 liters of hot water and stirred for 10 minutes, then drain. The resulting liquid (preferably Linden) and mix thoroughly for 5 h. A tablespoon of licorice root, 1.5 h. Spoon anise, 400 g of honey. Boil the mixture for 5 minutes to allow the body to cool down and take 2/3 cup 3-4 times a day before meals. Attention is turned on, and use of vitamin E helps to use insect bites.

Ciuperci umplute cu legume și frunze

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