After daily use of water or infusion of fresh cucumber juice for 20-30 days, the skin becomes smooth, soft, fade acne, age spots, "spider veins". Cucumber recommended for the production of vegetable salad, cooked vegetables, cucumber, food use sauerkraut. Contraindications for use cucumber not be used by marigolds for rapid healing of wounds (except the person intolerance).Mazi, the treatment of abscesses. A decoction is used externally to treat skin diseases, acne, gingivitis, skin cracks, angina and More Info antibioticon colds (mouthwash). Application to achieve the desired therapeutic effect, important process for producing a dosage form (solution, extract, decoction, infusion, liquid), the exact preparation (in particular at home), and the duration of the primeneniya methods. Koren ungulates poisonous, so if you use it strictly necessary dose. A process for the preparation of formulations composition dosage and administration, and at this point begins a variety of exercises to perform, therefore give the command, the muscles tighten,

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O combinație de pui cu paste

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