remember I was one of the fans, Marathon wild "Running". he came to me at night, twisted, unhappy I, around a corner to corner with a cold and a temperature of 38 who wanted to meet with the autumn rains to exhaustion, as if the cold pushed into the sciatic nerve. We treated the victim. He applauded to resigned from the government, but on the way back to the subway. Less - below the back knee pain. Pain along the nerve moves up and down, hip leg: It should not be a second treatment to be there to help. Then I met for the first time this migratory pain. In fact, the runner can twice and not cured. More was for medical treatment to me - went to doctors and hospitals move. Four years seemed haunted limp - not his illness no longer going, he suffered, he did not think the way Ledneva questioned.

Fasole cu cârnați pentru 1 Decembrie

Posted On 24 noiembrie 2009  By Adi Hădean  And has 27 Comments

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