pains in the knee, food and ulcers should be goleni.Posle Jump to normal gradually diet, the first day of starvation - half the proportion of vegetable or fruit juice, on the second day - not Thzbha juice 2 liters of 16% on the third day of fruits and vegetables on the fourth day, only a small amount of water each bread, cereal, soup without meat. On the fifth day, you can eat on a regular basis pischu.5. Endocrine disorders (excess steroid valtrex Full Article hormones, and hyperthyroidism, etc.). This disease is characterized by sudden attacks stimulate the heart when the patient feels unexpected blow at the beginning and end of a heart attack. Heart rate can tachycardia paroxysmal up to 200 minutes while maintaining a normal pace. It is often impossible to calculate the patient\'s pulse. 1-3 times shifts may occur in the day. But sometimes they are rare - 1-2 times in the form of god.Klinicheskaya infarction depends on the form of the disease.

Găluște cu prune

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